Number One Motivation Program from USA (Aged 7-17)

The Multi Award-Winning One-Year Training Program and Methodology from USA have been proven effective to transform more than 15,000 families for more than 9 years in Malaysia with 20 branches.

Come and learn from our program director in our 3-hour FREE training workshop:

Parents will learn how your child can:
  • Score A’s the smarter way
  • Higher motivation and more driven in studies
  • Have better concentration and focus
  • Have confidence in communication and EQ
FREE trial class for kids/teenagers aged 7 to 17:
  • Your child will learn one scientifically proven study technique that can be applied to school work immediately!

3 Key Focus of WYNKIDS Program

Attitude & Mindset

Positive Attitude
More Driven

Academic & Study Techniques

Mind Mapping
Time Management
Memory Techniques

Communication & Social Skills

Public Speaking
Teamwork Skills

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What Parents Say About WYNKIDS

Mr & Mrs Law
Parents of Kieran Law, 15
WYNKIDS’ Graduate

Mrs Loo
Mother of Giselle Loo, 10
WYNKIDS’ Graduate

Mrs Kuan
Mother of Kuan Ee Vaine, 7
WYNKIDS’ Graduate

Our one-year program and methodology from USA have been proven effective with almost 100% improvement track record for more than 9 years in Malaysia with 20 branches.

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Ipoh Workshop

Weil Hotel, Ipoh


    10am – 1pm


    3pm – 6pm

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  • To get the FREE tickets, parents MUST attend workshop with at least 1 of their child(ren) aged 7 to 17 years old.
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